My name is Peter CLARKE fellow 45 year resident as a homeowner, renter and a businessman within our One City Community. 

After graduating from Business College with honours I have been fortunate in having these years of experience in business & economics within the private and public sectors. I am married to Tatiana Toledo a beautifully intelligent lady and mother with a masters degree in Special Education and is a Venezuelan National. 

I am asking you to kindly read my political action plan for 2014 to 2018 and then for your Support and Vote on October 27, 2014 or during the advance polls.  


"I believe in Individual Freedoms, Family Privacy, Tolerance and Respect along with Transparency and Accountability from all Public Officials, ​Corporations, Union Leaders, Political Parties, Special Interest Groups and Governments."

Elected official must ensure Openness, Financial Prudence and held accountable for the efficient delivery of mandated services, at the best competitive cost for voting citizens, by the decisions of elected officials and NOT by non-elected technocrats and bureaucrats!

While our City is a collection of unique and diversified neighbourhoods we all must come together united without the political divisiveness of party politics on council of Our One Toronto Community. By supporting the overall good of our families, friends and associates through the security and protection of a One City Community. And ensuring that Councillors are non-partisan and govern for the overall public good of all citizens and residents and not as a benefit for life long self serving political career or that of a specific political party. 

"I Peter CLARKE, with your support have the endurance and experience to tackle controversial issues with that human connection for citizens and NOT as a puppet of special interest groups, lobbyists or a political party. And I do not support any entry of the divisiveness of political party politics on Council at the municipal level of government. There is already an abundance of party politics at the provincial and federal levels."

At the advance polls on October 14th & 19th or on voting day October 27, 2014 please mark your ballot CLARKE, Peter for Councillor and help keep the divisiveness of party politics out of our One City Community along with establishing an 8 year term limit for career politicians. CLARKE, the one truly non-partisan candidate, represents all citizens and members from all political parties. 

THANK YOU and stay active and healthy.


Continuing the Fiscal Prudence, 

of citizens , peter CLARKE



one city 

serving all citizens

"All people are created equal and equally imperfect and we still have unequal taxes and laws created by unjust legislation." 

  CLARKE Peter   

for Councillor 

Voter Concerns from within our

One City Community of Toronto








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